Vaidya's Cardamom
Vaidya's Cardamom
Vaidya's Cardamom


Vaidya's Cardamom

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Vasudeva Vaidya
Ayurvedic Doctor

Why The World Loves Our Cardamom?

In 1943, renowned Ayurveda Acharya, Vasudeva Vaidya was on an expedition at the western ghats to collect medicinal herbs. Exhausted due to the arduous trek, he camped at the foothills of Munnar. While boiling some water to quench his thirst, a cardamom bud fell into his boiling pot, in a gentle breeze. An irresistible aroma filled the air, and when he tasted the water, he felt rejuvenated instantly. He realized then that he had found a rare strain of cardamom, with beneficial properties.

Since then, he has used it as a secret ingredient in his medicinal and culinary recipes. His medicines have cured thousands of patients of a wide array of ailments. According to the Vedas, Vata-Pitta dosha causes aging and other ailments that come with old age. Vasudeva discovered that this rare species of cardamom that grows in the western ghats had the potential to cure this aggravation and reverse the ill-effects of aging.
The Vaidya lived over a hundred years and attributed his longevity to the inclusion of this rare spice in his diet.

He spread this discovery and distributed seeds to local farmers who started cultivating it regionally. Today the average age life expectancy in Kerala is the highest in India because of his contributions. it’s selectively grown on the hills of Munnar and is exported worldwide. We support our farmers by procuring seeds directly from them at a fair price so that they may practice sustainable agriculture and live a dignified life.

This particular strain is purely Indian, and the Vaidya has grown them organically with the herbal knowledge from Ayurveda and following Veda Shastras. Add cardamom to your food and beverages to bolster immunity, improve your mood, and to achieve a healthier and long-lasting life.

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